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 Nilmini’s casket tale

Posing as a dead one is nothing new for actors and most experiences are flavoured with humourous or distasteful outcomes.

Popular actress Nilmini Tennakoon too had faced such an experience, though in her case, it was anything but funny.

During shooting of Sudath Rohana’s ‘Girikula Pauwa’, Nilmini, who portrayed the role of Dingiri Amma had to appear in a scene as funeral corpse laid inside a casket.

Nilmini is said to be afraid of lying in caskets, but after much persuasion from the director, had agreed to do so as the scene was a crucial one.

According to the scene, the casket was to be closed with Nilmini inside.

However, Nilmini has not been informed of the closing bit and had panicked and sprung out as the casket was being closed, also injuring the artists who appeared as the children of Dingiri Amma.

However, just after springing out, Nilmini had fainted and fallen back into the casket, reports say.