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Army recruits Jaffna youth

Opening avenues for the Jaffna youths to join the ranks of Sri Lanka Army, a programme was commenced to recruit young men and women between 18 and 28 from the North to fill 700 vacancies among its various units.

The interviews are conducting at different venues in Jaffna these days with the aim of filling vacancies of different trades which presently exist in service units in Jaffna and Sri Lanka Army Women's Corps (SLAWC).

It has been customary for the Army to recruit skilled persons for different trades annually. Although doors had ever remained open for Northern youths to be part of this recognized profession, due to influence of some extremist elements and wrong impression they had inculcated in the minds of Tamil youths about the Army, defence authorities were compelled to fill those vacancies from South. However, with the dawn of peace, the government has offered opportunity for energetic Northern girls and boys who are willing to be members of the highly-paid and recognized profession of Sri Lanka Army to join t he Army and be professionally qualified and economically sound.

Usually, SLAVF takes professionals qualified in different trades to the organization After considering their education and professional qualifications as well as their interest, Army will give them vocational training on carpentry, masonry, agriculture, welding, plumbing, electric and mechanical engineering, domestic wiring, cultural dancing etc. for three months under qualified instructors. During that period, they are given a training allowance. At the end of the course which awards them a valid certificate, they can join the respective service units.

Apart from the above group category, persons with skilled in different trades who are above 28 years are also recruited and absorbed to Volunteer Reserve. They are entitled to the Army salary, allowances and facilities during service in the Army.

Those who join the SLAVF will get a handsome salary which is increased annually. On completion of 22 years of service, male Volunteer Force members are eligible for a pension which can be transferred to his dependants i.e. wife or under-aged children upon his death. Female members can retire after 15 years of service with the pension.